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Brutal Video Vault

This is the official Brutal Video Vault Tumblr page, operated and maintained by chrisdragon. Links to Youtube videos uploaded, other Doom stuff and occasional blog posts will be placed here.
Jul 21 '14
Jul 18 '14


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Jul 11 '14


Jul 7 '14

I almost forgot about E1M8 for this WAD.

Jul 4 '14


Jul 2 '14

Regarding Brutal Doom

I know my channel’s called the Brutal Video Vault doesn’t mean it is exclusive to the mod. It is more of a general Doom channel than BD focused because even I get tired of playing with the mod and I have been burnt out since at least April because of crashes, likely from my excess modifications to the PK3.

On top of that, I haven’t made any new videos since May due to burnout.

Jul 2 '14
Jul 1 '14


Chapel of Chaos - Doom II - 2010 - by Chris “Mr. Chris” Pisarcyk and Joonas “Jodwin” Äijälä

This is a cool, bigass Hell level that replaces “Nirvana” in Doom II. It’s got a lot of cool setpiece rooms to explore and a couple of big, staged fights in what’s mostly Doom II-style building clearing. The finale is a fair bit different, but you could tell that just by the way the terrace is designed.

Full review here

Glad you enjoyed my collab with Jodwin’s work, Doomwads!

Jun 30 '14